33 Cleaning Tricks That Will Change Your Life

Rub a faucet with waxed paper to prevent water spots and finger prints.

Yes, wax paper to polish a faucet. Via Buzzfeed.

Those cleaning tricks I mentioned a few posts below? Time to try them out, people. In Florida, we’re stuck inside because of the rain, and I know you northerners are not out playing in the snow (let’s be real here), so get to polishing and perfecting your abode. On the plus, once you do all of these you can invite people over and not be embarrassed by the underwear and shirt peeking out from beneath the ottoman.


10 Things to Do During the Spring Snowstorms

Image of woman enjoying spring via The Guardian


If you’re up north, you’re totally going ‘wtf.’ I know, I can somewhat imagine what it’s like. Well, not really, since I’m stuck in perpetual 80-degree weather, but whatever, I’ll empathize the best I can. I’ve thought up some things for you to do, because I do many of these when it’s too hot to step foot outside. Let’s unite under our weird weather and share some common ground in these activities, shall we?


1. Try Your Hand at Cooking
Appropriate hashtag: #yolo. Try not to burn your kitchen down, and try not to accidentally poison yourself and the people you’re feeding. Scrambled eggs are the best starting point. If you’re feeling yourself that day, try something cool like Red Wine Roast Chicken. You’d be surprised how fun cooking is when you don’t have much else to do.

2. Feng-Shui
It’s weird to me that this actually works, because I usually don’t buy into the whole ‘moving your living room around will release good energy.’ But it really does. You’ll feel a burst of change and refreshment. Seriously, it’s cool. You’ll feel like everything is new just because it’s in a new spot, and it’ll give you a fresh start for spring without having to do any spring cleaning.

3. Beautify Yourself
Gal or guy, it’s the perfect time to try out that sunless tanner that’s been sitting on your shelf for the last few months. Or whiten your teeth. Or, if you’re feeling risky, color your hair at home (#yolo again? Is that annoying?). Regardless, sometimes a spa day – no matter what your gender – is necessary and much needed.

4. Online Shop
This one is risky. If you’re absolutely bored out of your mind, I definitely don’t recommend it because you’ll spring-clothing yourself into debt. But it’s a good way to pass the time, and if you had extra spending money that’s just sitting around now that you can’t go out and spend it, hit up H&M and refresh your wardrobe a little.

5. Start a Blog
What better time than now? Some blogs are completely viral and raking in big bucks in 12 months time, who’s to say yours won’t be next?

6. Workout
Blogilates is my go-to for indoor workouts, but there are literally hundreds of options on the internet. Burpees can burn up to a thousand calories in just thirty-minutes, and if you tried your hand at cooking, it’s time to get to it!

7. Have a Weather Get Together
I just made that up. It rhymed, so I couldn’t not say it. Anyway, having a guy or girl’s day is one of the best ways to enjoy a snowstorm or other shitty-weather situation. Play in the snow, play pool inside, play board games, watch movies all day long, have a potluck. Bad weather is always best when shared with others.

8. Make Something
Have your first “Nailed it!” Pinterest-moment, or literally nail it and make something cool for your house. Make an organized shelf for your spice cabinet, try out those weird cleaning tips that swear to work better than anything else, turn your plain bathroom mirror into something amazing using crown molding. The options are literally endless.

9. Organize Your Clothes/Closet
Get together all of the clothes you no longer wear and fold them into piles to donate. It’s something we all need to do, I’m sure, and it’s for a good cause. Plus it will leave room in your closet for new clothes for spring (once the weather catches up).

10. Go Sledding
If you’re over staying in the house, just screw it and go outside. Bundle up and embrace these last few days of winter weather. Hit up the closest park or hill and go sledding. Play with your dog in the snow. Play with your friends in the snow. Just soak it all in, even if you can’t stand it anymore.